Warhammer Fantasy Role-Play: Playing Beyond The Starter Set

June 26, 2020 by crew

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Warhammer Fantasy Role-Play from Cubicle 7 has been a fascinating game to indulge in recently. I've been able to play through the Starter Set adventure with a few friends and been absolutely loving exploring The Old World as a Dwarf Slayer with a penchant for acts of kindness.

Warhammer Fantasy Role-Play: Playing Beyond The Starter Set

Warhammer Fantasy Role-Play - Where To Next After The Starter Set?

However, beyond the Starter Set, the team at Cubicle 7 has been working on all manner of supplements for this roleplaying game that is well worth picking up. Making up your own stories can be really tough but Cubicle 7 has designed a lot of ways to make it easier or indeed draw from a well of ideas in order to supplement your own tales. So, here I'm going to be having a quick look at a few of these new books which are well worth picking up if you're a Warhammer Fantasy Role-Play fan.

The Enemy Within: Enemy In Shadows

The first of these is Enemy In Shadows, the first part of the expansive The Enemy Within storyline which was first published back in the 1980s. The team at Cubicle have worked to bring it back as a multipart venture which is revamped and updated for the modern game whilst also exploring a lot of extra bits and pieces for adventures.

Enemy In Shadows - WFRP.jpg

Enemy In Shadows // Warhammer Fantasy Role-Play

Inside Enemy In Shadows you're going to find yourself following the storyline of Shadows Over Bogenhafen which explores all manner of threads which will lead you to conspiracies and all sorts going on in the background. In addition to this, the supplement also helps do a bit of world-building with A Guide To Bogenhafen and also some helpful player aids like a way to track the Imperial Calendar and a few new rules for skullduggery and making more of disease and infection.

This particular adventure and what it leads to is particularly sprawling and should take you a fair few sessions to get through. Everything has been lain out so that it is incredibly easy to read and follow along, especially since the pressure of being a Games Master can be quite high! There is even a wonderful little addition called the Grognard Boxes which add in some new and interesting ideas to make the old tale feel fresh for veterans who might have played through The Enemy Within back in the day.

I am genuinely impressed with the amount of detail that Cubicle 7 have gone into here and it has been fascinating flicking through it and seeing all of the wonderful artwork and such that populates the pages alongside the libraries worth of text they've managed to work into this first tome.

Enemy In Shadows Companion

Next up is a book which seems like a pretty good bolt on to the book we talked about above. This first Enemy In Shadows Companion sits alongside the main books for the adventure and offers up a lot more details for those who are playing through it. You'll find expanded content on Mutants, the mysterious Purple Hand Cult and much more but there is also a lot contained within for those who want to use this as a handy reference for roleplaying in The Old World.

Enemy In Shadows Companion - WFRP

Enemy In Shadows Companion // Warhammer Fantasy Role-Play

In addition to the colour for Enemy In Shadows you'll also find the book contains ways to build on encounters whilst marching along the roads of the Empire. There are chapters dedicated to Travel, Road Wardens, Mounts & Vehicles and also two adventures called The Affair Of The Hidden Jewel and The Pandemonium Carnival. These could be useful for those just wanting to drop something extra into their own stories, or a way of bulking up an already immense storyline with more side adventures.

I really like these smaller books which bolt-on additional information for use in campaigns and again make the job of being a Games Masters a little easier. Littered throughout the book you'll find Adventure Hook boxes which help you bring characters and situations into your campaigns plus there is The Shadow Cast which brings the NPCs from this book into the wider story in interesting ways. This means that maybe you'll get some "wait, it was him the whole time?!?" moments from your players on occasion.

Ubersreik Adventures

Talking of adding additional adventures into your campaigns, Ubersreik Adventures does just that. If you've managed to play through the Starter Set and found yourself wanting more then you can, of course, follow some of the adventure hooks from that set. But, Ubersreik Adventures adds SIX more stories to your library which are in of themselves, multi-session affairs.

Ubersreik Adventures - WFRP

Ubersreik Adventures // Warhammer Fantasy Role-Play

The nice thing about this book compared to the other two we've talked about previously is that these are all self-contained. You could very easily use these for one-shots and such as well as including them in a larger campaign. In an age where people don't have a lot of free time, a Games Master could pick up this book, read through just one of the adventures and be ready to play it sharpish. You could then almost bring these together over a number of sessions in an episodic TV-Show style, introducing and removing players as and when people are free.

I should reiterate that whilst there are six adventures in this book, they aren't small. There is a lot of detail worked into the narrative here with plenty of background for all of the characters they will meet along the way, nice ways to tie things together with hints and tips and a solid option for building on the Starter Set.

Warhammer Fantasy Role-Play: Gamemaster's Screen

This one seems like an odd addition to this series of reviews but it's worth including. A good Gamemaster's Screen should make sure to give you all manner of information and such that is pertinent to gameplay. Thankfully, the offering from Cubicle 7 does just that. It is a robust piece of kit which not only has lots of helpful elements for when things are in the heat of combat and such but also ways to make up things on the fly.

Gamemasters Screen Cover - WFRP.jpg

Gamemaster's Screen // Warhammer Fantasy Role-Play

There is a section dedicated to rolling up quick characters if your players continue to try and question everyone in the pub. You've even got a list of common names so you don't name all your characters "Bob" and "Dave" plus a solid list of items that would be on sale in the many towns of the Empire.

Gamemasters Screen - WFRP

Continuing a tradition that I enjoyed from Adventures In Middle-earth, the Gamemaster's Screen also comes with a book which is packed full of tips for running your games. Say you picked up the Starter Set; again, this would be a fantastic next step for you as it gives you a guide to storytelling and narrative whilst also having ways to develop character motivations and dealing with things as worrying as player death!

Gamemasters Screen Interior - WFRP

There is even a big set of tables at the back of the softback book which helps you set up why exactly your heroes are going on their next quest. "I Need A Job!" sounds like a perfect way to set up for a night of on-shot fun with a bunch of characters when your main storyline needs to take a bit of a break.

Warhammer Fantasy Role-Play - More To Come...

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what Cubicle 7 have planned for Warhammer Fantasy Role-Play. I haven't even talked about Rough Nights & Hard Days which introduces five more stories to tell during your games and a way to add Gnomes into your games plus pub games! Everyone likes something to do in a tavern besides a standard tussle right?

Rough Nights & Hard Days Cubicle 7 Cover

Rough Nights & Hard Days // Warhammer Fantasy Role-Play

More is planned of course for The Enemy Within and that campaign as it unfolds plus you can also check out a selection of PDFs over on their webstore which give you side quests to go and spend your time with too.

If you've not checked it out already I would certainly take a look at our Quick Look and Unboxing for the Warhammer Fantasy Role-Play Starter Set as it is genuinely one of the best sets I've picked up in a long time. You can watch and read about our thoughts below...


Warhammer Fantasy Role-Play Quick Look

Warhammer Fantasy Role-Play Unboxing

Let me know how Warhammer Fantasy Role-Play has been for you and if you've enjoyed jumping into this new edition from Cubicle 7. Now, I need to make sure my Slayer finds the death he deserves at the hands of some terrifying mutants!

What is your favourite memory from playing Warhammer Fantasy Role-Play?

"I need to make sure my Slayer finds the death he deserves at the hands of some terrifying mutants!"

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"What is your favourite memory from playing Warhammer Fantasy Role-Play?"

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