Win A Unique D&D Adventure This Red Nose Day!

February 17, 2022 by fcostin

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Red Nose Day is approaching us; with lots of entertainment hosted on UK TV and online - including giveaways galore to support Comic Relief and their venture to create a just world, free from poverty. All of which by bringing a chuckle and a smile to the public to support the charity.


Dungeons & Dragons Experience // Red Nose Day

This year, Red Nose Day has organised a session for Dungeons & Dragons fans in the name of entertainment! A chance for anybody to get themselves to remote island experience, immersed in a and thematic Dungeons & Dragons sesh. Desolated on an island off the coast of Essex.

The prize is jam-packed full of goods, but the main focus would be the uniquely created Dungeons & Dragons campaign, ready to be departed from in the trustworthy hands of Dungeon Master Johnny Chiodini and the wonderful party and members of Oxventure.

Osea Island

Osea Island // Dungeons & Dragons: Island of Oxventure

Along with the campaign playthrough, the winner will receive 2-nights on the spooky Osea Island, themed into your D&D sesh, stay in the stunning coastal property, The Captain’s House and get your food and drinks delivered so you can stay put and enjoy the scenery.  Plus there's a chance to get in some cheeky axe throwing and archery too!

I have enjoyed watching Red Nose Day specials on TV in the past, with a simple "I AINT BOVAD" Catherine Tate to our beloved Doctor, David Tennant. And have often rewatched classic Red Nose Day content with Sir Edmund Blackadder in The Cavalier Years and of course, The Young Ones University Challenge. Many giggles are promised if you haven't seen them in a while!

Blackadder Special // Comic Relief

If you do fancy your chance at winning a Dungeons & Dragons adventure: 2 nights journeying on an experience on the desolate Osea Island - entry is free! And the trip is for two, so it may be worth a go - the luck may be in your favour. Entry and more information can be found here!

If you do enter: Good Luck! 🙂 

"The trip is for two, so it may be worth a go - the luck may be in your favour..."

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