Explore The City Of Yndaros In Latest Symbaroum RPG Book

December 16, 2018 by cassn

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Symbaroum: Yndaros - The Darkest Star is the third episode of the Chronicle of the Throne of Thorns. Yndaros lies in the heart of the Ambrian Realm, and the adventure of the Darkest Star takes place during one of the most fateful periods in the history of this world. This latest book contains a detailed account of Yndaros's history, factions, conflicts, and activities for reading by both Game Masters and players.


The book features twenty-five locations for characters to eat, rest, drink, meet locals and gather crucial information. This book also provides an introduction to the noble houses of Ambria and in-depth descriptions of Ceremonial Magic, alongside new rules, traits, abilities, artifacts, monsters, and adversaries!

Finally, Symbaroum: Yndaros - The Darkest Star also contains a comprehensive chapter for the Game Master, detailing what lurks underneath the city's surface, giving plenty of opportunities for plot hooks to add to the campaign.

The Chronicle of the Throne of Thorns is a really interesting and detailed universe for RPG groups, and this latest book seems to expand that world even further. You can get yours from Free League now.

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"New rules, traits, abilities, artifacts, monsters, and adversaries!"

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