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What’s the Final Word from the Salute 2012 Organisers


The day has drawn to an end and we finally managed to catch up with the Salute 2012 organisers, to get their thoughts for the day and find out what it takes to create the UK's biggest wargaming event.

Table Scape – Salute 2012


Lloyd takes a lightning look at the fantastic gaming tables built for Salute 2012... if you were involved in the creation of any of the tables, drop a comment below and take a bow!

Break out your Katanna… It’s Bushido!


Warren speaks to GCT Studios about their Bushido skirmish game, based on Japanese mythology... is everything better with Ninja? Watch for a chance to x2 faction starter sets & x2 blisters of Bushido mini's.

The Entire Golem Painting Team takes Warren On!


They donated their time to the Hobby Lab Live on the day, so we had to speak to them about their thoughts on the day... check out the team from Golem Painting! Watch for a chance to a miniature thats been painted by three of the best painters in the world.

New Game… Fanticide with Alessio Cavatore & Rick Priestley


Warren gets the low down on the latest project from gaming luminaries Alessio Cavatore and Rick Priestly... Fanticide! Watch for a chance to an Advance copy of the Fanticide rules & a Skype call with the legends Alessio Cavatore & Rick Priestley.

Cool New Feldherr Bags at Salute 2012


Andreas from Feldherr, takes time to tell Warren about his cool, new miniatures carrying bags, available now from his website. Watch for a chance to WIN X1 Feldherr Backpack with custom foam load out & x1 Feldherr Pack Plus with standard foam load out.

New… Drop Zone Commander from Hawk Wargames!


Warren speaks to Hawk Wargames about their 10mm sci-fi wargame... Drop Zone Commander! Watch for a chance to WIN X1 Heavy Dropship & X9 Tanks for Drop Zone Commander.

Andy Grapples Backstage with Nick from Worthy Painting!


Andy gets to chat with Nick about his thoughts on Salute 2012 and tests his might against Worthy Painting's champion... place your bets on the arm-wrestling winner! Watch for a chance to WIN a painted Display Quality infinity mini of your choice.

Brand New Goodies from Battle Foam at Salute 2012


While Romeo was at Adepticon, Warren was lucky enough to speak to his better half, the lovely Jama and find out about the new products that have been rolled out by Battle Foam for Salute 2012. Watch for a chance to WIN a P.A.C.K. 216 with your choice of paint tray load out.

Achtung! The New Starter Set for Flames of War


Warren speaks to Matt Sulley at Salute 2012, the Moustachioed Maestro from Flames of War about the brand new plastic starter set for Flames of War... Achtung! Watch for a chance to WIN an Achtung Starter set.

Beasts of War on the Road to Salute 2012


It wouldn't be a themed week if we didn't let our faithful Backstagers join in the fun as we set out to Salute 2012, in order to bring the Hobby Lab Live to the masses

Deus Vult… GOD WILLS IT!


Warren speaks to Fire Forge Games at Salute 2012, about the new miniatures game based around the Crusades... Deus Vult... God Wills it!. Watch for a chance to WIN a box of Teutonic Knights & a box of Mounted sergants

Sedition Wars Secrets from Studio McVey


Warren gets to speak to the marvellous Mike McVey about some of the amazing work that went into the stunning Sedition Wars. Watch for a chance to WIN a Complete set of pre release resin miniatures for sedition wars

Warren Meets the Gaming Masters from Warlord Games


Warren meets three of the most influential figures in tabletop gaming as they discuss the new games from Warlord... Bolt Action and Pike & Shotte. Watch for a chance to WIN Bolt Action Boxes!

The Monstrous Minions of Bane Legions at Salute 2012


Warren asks the guys from the Bane Legions about their fantastic range of monsters and champions at Salute 2012. Watch for a chance to WIN the massive KRULL!

A Tour of Salute 2012… in Record Time!


If you want to see what was at Salute 2012, but you just don't have time, then don't worry. We've got you covered!

What’s Happening at the Salute 2012 Hobby Lab?


Check out the Hobby Lab at Salute 2012. Our booth where everyone and anyone could try out some of the best hobby products on the market for free!

Salute 2012 Show Tour


Kicking off our Salute 2012 coverage, Warren takes us on a whirlwind tour of the event and says hello to some old favourites and new faces!

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