Scale 75’s New Units Combat Ready For The Fallen Frontiers Battlefield

January 30, 2017 by brennon

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Scale75 continues to grow their Fallen Frontiers range as they add four units to their collection. Each of the factions is getting themselves something to play with as we start with my favourite faction, the Riffs.

Riff Berserkers

Many have said that the Berserkers are rage personified on the battlefield and these warriors go into battle with no fear. The Riffs has such a fantastic alien design mixing together the feral and the technological advanced. Each of the sculpts is individual too which is great!

Next up, we have the Sayx Nightstalkers who are genetically modified troopers, honed to be the best of the best on the battlefield.

Sayx Nightstalkers

Funnily in their fluff, it says that they are so genetically modified that they are defined as human simply because of their appearance. Otherwise, they have become something decidedly more. Very cool!

We then turn our attention to the Harvesters and their Warping Drones.

Harvesters Warping Drones

Appearing from nowhere these Warping Drones might be able to set up quite the ambush as they come up upon unwary patrol. The alien and faceless nature of the Harvesters can be seen in these cold machines with glaring red eyes. These would be a lot of fun to paint I reckon!

Last but not least we have the Ares Aterides.

Ares Aterides

Armed with long range weapons they will be scouting about ahead of the main force to pick up key figures in the opposing army no doubt. I'm not entirely sure about the 'soft' looking design of these sculpts, most apparent on the legs. Maybe it's just the painting but it would have been neat to see some harder lines and definition on these heavily armoured soldiers.

Which of the factions will you be buying new units for?

"The Riffs has such a fantastic alien design mixing together the feral and the technological advanced..."

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