Buy & Sell As Launches On Saturday!

September 19, 2013 by brennon (the site isn't live yet) will be going live this Saturday and it looks like it could be an ace place to buy and sell your miniatures while avoiding the perils of Ebay.

Miniature Bid Auction Site

What do the minds behind it say?

"Miniature Bids is a new website launching this Saturday designed to allow you to auction off your unwanted table top gaming stuff FREE; no listing fees and no final selling price fees.

So fed up with the madness that is Ebay fees (and the latest changes to them!) we decided enough was enough and set about creating a free auctions site just for the table top gaming hobby.

You will be able to create auctions and bid on others free of charge. You can sell and buy anything that falls under the ‘table top hobby’ umbrella from wargames models to RPG books from board games to dice games. We will have a category for it all. And if we don’t have a category but there is demand for it, we will create it! will be 100% free to post actions and buy stuff forever. Well, except for the PayPal fees but no matter what payment gateway we use there will be fees. As we use PayPal to manage the payments, both the buyer and the seller are protected by PayPals buyer and seller protection.  You can even list your items on a '14 day Buy it Now' type item."

The site is looking to retain this free of charge take on selling and buying miniatures by allowing advertising on the site as well as a subscription service for those looking to add more flourish to their sales and get things featured for example.

This scheme does seem to have got a lot of attention over the past few weeks and it could be a nice way to collate the tabletop gaming world in one place for all to use.

What do you think?

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