Check Out New Cruisers For The Firestorm Galaxy

December 28, 2013 by brennon

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Continuing the list of previews from Spartan Games for their various properties we have a look at some of the models that will be coming for Firestorm Armada, especially with the Cruisers for the various factions...

Aquan Prime Battle Cruiser

Dindrenzi Federation Battle Cruiser

Sorylian Collective Battle Cruiser

Terran Alliance Battle Cruiser

The Directorate Battle Cruiser

The Relthoza Battle Cruiser

I'm still not entirely sold on the models outside of the Terran and the Directorate but I think they are growing on me. This is of course all coming in the wake of the new starter set that will get you most definitively started within Firestorm Armada and we looked at that via On The Table before Christmas.

I'd rather Spartan's focus would lie with Uncharted Seas but I don't think that it's been as popular as Firestorm or Dystopian Wars (alas).

Do these Cruisers have you excited?

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