Get Close Up to the Aliens of AvP

November 1, 2013 by dracs

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Prodos Games have just put out a new preview image bringing us up close to some of Xenomorph variants who will soon be eating your brains in the Aliens vs Predator Miniatures Game.


Unfortunately the picture seems to have suffered from a splash of alien blood (which leaves me worried about Prodos Games' design process), but it gives us a good close up at some of the details and variants of the Xenomorph miniatures.

The picture of the facehugger in the bottom right corner is the one which has me particularly excited. To me, the facehuggers are the scariest thing about the Xenomorphs, they are one of their most iconic elements and I cannot wait to see how they work out in the game itself.

What aspect of the Aliens scares you the most?

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