Dream Pod 9 Show Off Some Painted Forged in Fire Gears

November 1, 2012 by brennon

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With Forged in Fire: The Southern Field Guide on its way Dream Pod 9 couldn't pass up showing off some more Southern Gears painted by Studio Giraldez. Check out the Black Mamba (Top) and Spitting Cobra (Bottom) below...

Black Mamba (Front)

Black Mamba (Rear)

These have really had some superb work done on them, from the great blending and armour plating to the weathering and dirt spread over their feet. Some fantastic work to inspire you onto painting your own Gears no doubt!

Spitting Cobra (Front)

Spitting Cobra (Rear)

You can grab these classic miniatures from the Heavy Gear range on their online store by following the links above, but don't forget that Forged in Fire will be with you very soon too!

What do you think of these paint jobs?

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