DreamForge Games Share Their Schedule For Next Year

December 19, 2012 by brennon

DreamForge Games have shown off a selection of their upcoming plastic kits as well as a Release Schedule for the new year. Check out some of the awesome miniatures on their way. The Leviathan Crusader is a major favourite...

Leviathan Crusader

As if that mighty walker wasn't good enough there are even some cool looking support weapons coming to aid in the advance of this mighty behemoth. Although I doubt he really needs much support!

Support Weapon #1

Support Weapon #2

They have what looks like a tri-barrelled mortar and a big machine gun for suppressing the enemy. The three crew also come with two operators and a look out who is looking for ideal targets.

Feral Shadokesh and Handler

And to finish off the model previews is this Feral Shadokesh and Handler ready to burst into an enemy emplacement and start causing havoc. This would work very well in a Dark Eldar army as part of the command squad surrounding an Archon.

What do you think of these new kits due from January onwards?

Let me know below.

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