Dropzone Commander Introduces some Heavy Hitting Land Forces

May 14, 2012 by brennon

It's once again time for an update of Dropzone Commander vehicles from Hawk Wargames. Check out some fantastic looking land forces armed to the teeth for their 15mm wargame...

Post-Human Republic - Juno A1 IFV

The Scourge - Invader APC

United Colonies of Mankind - Bear APC

Some interesting takes on the APC and Sci-Fi tank. I love the look of the Invader one too, a very original almost living APC which looks scary even before its disgorged its deadly cargo. Now let's look to the skies...

Shaltari Tribes - Haven Terragate

The Scourge - Minder Swarm

Some very nice looking alien technology once again. The Minder Swarm has a very retro feel to them and reminds me of something from a War of the Worlds style Martian invasion.

Some more fantastic previews from the world of Dropzone Commander!

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