The East India Merchant Company Sails Out of Spartan Games

August 30, 2013 by dracs

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In any conflict there are those looking to make some money from it and the Dystopian Wars is no exception as the East India Merchant Company is ready to sail out for whoever wishes to hire them.

East India Merchant Company - Athea Class Pocket Battleship and Griffon Class Cruiser

East India Merchant Company Forbes Class Support Blimp

This mercantile force is ruthless in stamping out those who oppose them and have managed to build up a highly flexible navy, allowing you to tailor your fleet and its weaponry for whatever situation they might face.

East India Merchant Company Naval Battle Group

The East India Merchant Company is often hired to safely transport goods, or to help protect the Merchant Convoys. Merchant Convoys such as this one:

Merchant Navy Convoy

These convoys are often vital to a nation and so can prove a tempting target to enemy fleets. Their release by Spartan Games opens up some great new options for scenarios.

But Spartan Games are not stopping here as they are helping you to take your naval Dystopian Wars troops to the battles on land with a new Amphibious Landing set!

Amphibious Landing Set

But no sooner are we getting to land than Spartan Games are sending us rocketing into the air. Players of Dystopian Legions will be happy to see two new units of jump troops appearing for the Prussian and American forces.

Federated States of America Air Cavalry

Prussian Empire Luftlancers

Wow. Spartan Games have been busy!

Whether you prefer the naval combat of Dystopian Wars or the more personal battles of Dystopian Legions there is a lot to get excited about with these new releases and they are all currently available to pre-order.

Personally, I think my Brittania fleet could use the help of the East India Merchant Company. I just want that blimp!

Are any of these new goodies going to be joining your fleets?

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