New Factions Attack in Firestorm Armada’s New Campaign Book!

July 6, 2012 by brennon

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Firestorm Armada is also expanding from Spartan Games with a new campaign book, Marauders of the Rift. Check out the cover art and some more information about it below...

Firestorm Aramada - Marauders of the Rift

"Marauders, pirates, raiders, corsairs, call them what you will, the full-colour Firestorm Armada Campaign Guide delivers to you page-after-page of thrilling information to take your space combat games to a new level. Six new factions are introduced, including the audacious Oroshan Imperium, along with statistics for numerous space vehicles, mercenary fleets, new in-game mechanics, a full campaign background and tabletop scenarios for you to game."

How many of you play Firestorm Armada?

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