Fantasy Flight Announce New X-Wing Releases

December 14, 2018 by cassn

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Fantasy Flight Games have announced new releases for the second edition of their X-Wing miniatures game, allowing players to bring their first edition ships across to the new game.

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X-Wing Wave II features six new products, designed to provide long-time players of the X-Wing with new options and greater game flexibility in the second edition game.

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The First Order Conversion Kit allows players to strike fear into the heart of the Resistance by bringing their collection of IE/fo Fighter, Special Forces TIE, TIE Silencer, and Upsilon-class Shuttle miniatures into the second edition. First Order squadrons can be built through the X-Wing squad builder either online or through the app.


Of course, where there is darkness, there is also light, and the Resistance Conversion Kit will allow rebels to bring their T-70 X-wing, Resistance Bomber, and YT-1300 miniatures from the first edition of X-Wing into the second edition and to build their Resistance squadron. Combine Finn, Han Solo, and Rey together to launch powerful attacks against the First Order!

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Outside of allowing players to move their first edition fighters into the second edition, Fantasy Flight Games have also released expansions for the RZ-2 A-Wing, Mining Guild TIE, T70 X-Wing and the TIE/fo Fighter. With new pilots, new ships, and greater options, X Wing Wave II is bringing a whole new Star Wars experience to the tabletop!


X Wing Wave II is currently available through the Fantasy Flight website, and you can head over now for further details on this latest release.

Have you played both editions of X-Wing? Which do you prefer?

"Combine Finn, Han Solo, and Rey together to launch powerful attacks against the First Order!"

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