Fenris Bring the Occult Skills of Agent Myers to APEX

February 14, 2014 by dracs

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Another of Fenris' paranormal APEX Investigators is geared up and ready to get busting ghosts. This time we meet Agent Myers, an expert in the occult trained in psychic warfare who dresses like she just got hit with a second hand clothes shop.

Agent Myers

According to Fenris, Myers brings a load of occult paraphernalia with her whenever she goes off on an investigation, meaning she is well equipped to deal with most ghostly goings on.

She is quite possibly the most eccentric looking of the APEX Investigators we have seen so far. With a unique style of dress she stands out from the others and is given a good sense of character and back story.

When it comes to bustin' some ghosts are you gunna call Fenris' investigators?

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