New Frag Launcher Arm & Head Previews from Puppets War

January 28, 2012 by brennon

Puppets War have done some great alternate heads and parts in the past, and here are a few more for you to cast your war gaming eye over. First up is the Walker Fragmentation Grenade Launcher arm which is now up on the website...

Walker Fragmentation Grenade Launcher

Perfect for a Warmachine Warjack or Heretical Dreadnought perhaps? As well as the arm, Puppets War also previewed some more of their upcoming heads.

Helmet #1

Helmet #2

Helmet #3

Helmet #4

Helmet #5

It seems once again the 3D sculpts are looking pretty fantastic, and you can only hope the finished article is as good. I was pondering on what to use these for, and with the sleek design and high technology level these might make a really interesting Tau project. Use them as a human force that has been turned to the 'Greater Good'.

What would you use them for?

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