Gunblades And More Godly Heads from Puppets War

March 8, 2012 by brennon

Added in a recently released Apis Head as well below!

Puppets War have released a few more pictures of the new Egyptian Sci-Fi Head range, and some Gunblades that might go well alongside these heads...

Anubis Helmet

Bastet Helmet

Apis Head

Well these heads are just awesome. The Anubis helmet is simply brilliant and could see them added to Terminators for some added ferocity. The Bastet ones could be added to Assault Marines with Lightning Claws for that added feral look.


These Gunblades, which are variations on previous weapons would go well with these head sets and think of how awesome it would be having a set of Grey Knight Terminators with the Anubis Heads and these weapons!

Loving the progress so far?

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