Hawk Wargames Drop Some Battlefield Intel On Upcoming Models

May 2, 2012 by brennon

Hawk Wargames new 10mm Sci-Fi Battle Game Dropzone Commander is looking pretty special. Check out some previewed models below and let shiny syndrome take over.

Condor Medium Dropship

Eden Medium Gate

Marauder Medium Dropship

Neptune Medium Dropship

Neptune Medium Dropship with Enyo Siege Walkers

Tomahawk MGT

I think we can safely say these are some of the most gorgeous looking Sci-Fi vehicles on the market today. Some amazingly original ideas on these and it reminds me so much of units in PC Real-Time Strategy games. My favourite though has to be the Neptune Dropship, especially the one fitted with the massive Mechs underneath!

You can check out our chat with the folks from Hawk Wargames at Salute 2012 here.

Will you be looking out for more intel on this game?

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