Hydra Show the Terminator How It’s Done

July 27, 2012 by dracs

The Lead Bones blog have put up a preview of the new Robot Optio, the front-line command miniature joining Hydra Miniatures' Robot Legions.

Hydra Miniatures - Robo Legion

T1000 move over, this guy will be the true force to menace mankind. I absolutely love this retro style sculpt and would love to see this appearing in loads of sci-fi settings.

However, when it comes to robot commanders Hydra truly have you covered. Meet Mechanika, Queen of the Robot Legion!

Hydra - Robot Queen

This sculpt is highly reminiscent of the great villains of classic sci-fi who would be great for your retro style role playing games.

Do you like these retro robots? These classic clankers? These ancient automata?

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