From Tohaa to YuJing, This Month Promises More Infinity Awesome!

February 25, 2013 by dignity

It's that time again guys as the Corvus Beli Team show off the latest minis to hit the market for Infinity.

Let's get straight to it with the Crusader Brethren from PanOceania. This is one mean looking para-trooper who's going to be dropping in to the battle with his HMG. It's looking like death from the skies with this guy.

Game: Infinity Army: PanOceania Model(s): Crusader Brethren

The Yu Jing is not to be outdone this month as we meet the Bào Troops from the Judicial Watch. This new fire team will be rolling out with Multispectral Visor L2 and enough firepower to dominate the tabletop.

Game: Infinity Army: Yu Jing Model(s): Bào Troops

Even in the far flung future there will always be those willing to sell the services to the highest bidder and following that proud tradition we have the KTS, or Kaplan Tactical Services if you will. If the cool look wasn't enough to make you want these guys on your forces then you may want to know that they come with the "Mimetism" skill. Combined with the fireteam bonus, these guys can perform extremely well during the Paradiso Campaign.

Game: Infinity Army: Mercenaries Model(s): Kaplan Tactical Services

Those sneaky aliens are at it again as they reveal their Special Operative Ko Dali. One of the most dramatic incidents on the Paradiso Campaign is the loss of Ko Dali in Mission 102- "Activation & Triangulation".  Assimilated by the alien enemy, now Ko Dali fights for the Evolved Intelligence as a living symbol of humanity's fate.

Game: Infinity Army: Combined Army Model(s): Special Operative Ko Dali

Last up for the month the Tohaa let fly with their own jump trooper, the Gao-Tarsos Unit. I'm loving the look of this mini, why is it that I'm never done, but I see something that wants to drag me in to a new faction?

Game: Infinity Army: Tohaa Model(s): Gao-Tarsos Unit

So that's another month of great minis, but who will be making the cut and joining your Infinity forces?

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