INFINITY Sneak Peek: PanOceania Mulebots

May 15, 2012 by dignity

The guys over at Infinity have sent us another Exclusive sneak peek  at one of there latest mini's, this time its the Mulebots for PanOceania.

INFINITY Sneek Peek: PanOceania Mulebots

These little remotes have three variations, the EVO repeater will help your hackers, while the Minesweeper version will help you clear a path for you troops on the battle field. Finally we have my personal favorite, the Combi Rifle load out with total reaction, perfect for defending your fire lanes while your troops get in to position.

INFINITY Sneek Peek: PanOceania Mulebots

So what do you guys think? Will one or two of these be winging there way into your PanOceania force?

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