The Kickstarter Hunt of AvP Has Begun

November 8, 2013 by dracs

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Last night Prodos Games set their new Kickstarter for the Aliens vs Predator Miniatures Game live and already have succeeded in blasting through their funding goal.

This Kickstarter is the first time we have been able to get a glimpse of just what the game itself will look like, as well as some pictures of the sculpts all painted up and ready for combat.

AvP Game

Alien and Predator Painted

Marines Painted

As of me writing this, the Kickstarter has already achieved well over twice its intended for funding, meaning we have already got some cool new stretch goals unlocked.


Female Predator

The appearance of the Predalien is a really awesome little extra. While I did not particularly like the second AvP you can't deny that the Predator / Alien hybrid was cool.

The female Predator though just conjures questions about the nature of Predators as a race. Like if their women have boobs does that mean that they are mammals?

The Aliens vs Predator Miniatures Game is off to a great start. Will you be getting into this one?

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