Kickstarter Returns Mutant Chronicles to the Table in Warzone Resurrection

February 21, 2013 by dracs

Mutant Chronicles started out about 20 years ago as a grim and gritty sci-fi rpg and has since spawned a number of different games and even a really bad movie. One of those games is Warzone Resurrection, which is growing with the help of kickstarter.

Warzone Resurrection

Warzone Resurrection is a tabletop skirmish game taking place in the world of Mutant Chronicles. You are given the chance to take control of one of a number of factions, whether it be one of the human MegaCorporations, the last hope for humanity which is the Brotherhood, or the Dark Legion, the menace which seeks to destroy all.

Warzone Brotherhood

Warzone Cybertronic

Warzone Dark Legion

The kickstarter was originally set up to help fund the creation of the MegaCorporation Bauhaus faction.

Warzone Bauhaus

However, the kickstarter has since managed to blast past its funding aim and they are now working their way to making the four starter sets in plastic.

Warzone Minis 1

Warzone Minis 2

The mini concepts and art are pretty awesome and these miniatures are looking great too, so it is certainly going to be cool to see what else emerges from this kickstarter.

Did any of you used to play Mutant Chronicles?

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