Lead Adventure Bring Robotics to the Age of Steam

September 20, 2013 by dracs

Lead Adventure have a bunch of previews for some new steam punk robots which they are currently working on.

Steam Robot Jager M1

Steam Robot Jager M1 Front

Steam Robot Jager M1 Back

These robots definitely look the steam punk part and retain the slightly comedic character which Lead Adventure is so good at. The pictures of this first one remind me a bit of the pit-droids from Phantom Menace.

Steam Robot Jager M1 V2

Steam Robot Jager M1 V2 Side

Steam Robot Jager M1 V2 Back

These early designs hold a nice level of detail. I particularly like the hatch door for the boiler and the crank handle for the Gatling guns. However, I can't help but wonder how do they manage to turn the handle?

How are these examples of cutting edge Victorian technology shaping up?

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