Mantic Games Make It Forge Father February in Warpath!

February 8, 2013 by brennon

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If you're looking to add to the considerable fire power of your Forge Father army in Warpath by Mantic Games then February is the month for you. Check out what specialised warriors will be fighting for you on the tabletop...


Forge Father Drakkarim
The Drakkarim are the highly specialised assault troops of the Forge Fathers. They are deployed at high speed by Drakkar transports right in the heart of the enemy lines, causing havoc with their fearsome Dragon Breath flamethrowers and ferociously charging into any survivors.


Forge Father Thorgarim
The Thorgarim are a brethren of Forge Fathers that specialise in the use of the heat hammer, devoting their entire life to mastering the use of this most awesome of close combat weapons. No enemy tank can hope to survive a close encounter with the Thorgarim, or indeed any creature that is foolish enough to engage them in melee.

Iron Ancestor Doomstorm

Forge Father Iron Ancestor Doomstorm
An Iron Ancestor that has been converted to the Doomstorm pattern sacrifices its great melee hammer in order to mount a second double hailstorm cannon. This means a loss of flexibility and effectiveness in close quarters, but it also means that the Iron Ancestors’ firepower now rivals that of a Jotunn Heavy Hailstorm Cannon!

Thorgarim Hero

Forge Father Thorgarim Hero
The Thorgarim are a brethren of Forge Fathers that specialise in the use of the heat hammer - so skilled are some heroes that they wield them in one hand, blazing away with a Hailstorm Pistol as they close with the enemy.

As you can see a whole lot of specialist weaponry has been bought to bear. Heat Hammers aplenty are part of the mix and I do like the Thorgarim models. My favourite model is the Thorgarim Hero though, based on a piece of artwork we saw at least a year ago.

He is much more dynamic and  should look great charging into battle alongside his brethren.

Which will you be picking up?

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