MERCS Preview House 4 & The Good Doctor Shuisky

August 2, 2013 by brennon

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MERCS Minis have taken to Twitter to show off House 4 and Doctor Shuisky for their tabletop skirmish game. House 4 is certainly looking like a winner and it will be interesting to see which ones you pick out as favourites!

House 4

Dr. Shuisky

Above you can see House 4 which is made up of all the key members of a strike team. Sniper, Heavy and akimbo gun wielding Priests are all on offer. Below them is Doctor Shuisky who is their first NPC model and part of the Ravage Campaign.

It's all looking great and its nice to see the world of MERCS expanding. It was a lot of fun watching MERCS Week here on Beasts of War and if you haven't seen it already I would go and check it out.

Also look for the Texico Eagle at Gen Con this year!

Will you be joining House 4?

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