MERCS Show Off Some Sneaky Shots Via Twitter

July 5, 2013 by brennon

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MERCS have always been good at leaking out some shiny bits and pieces to the community and this week has been no different. Brian Shotton showed off these sneaky snaps...

7th Deck Proofs

House 4 Proofs

First off we have these 7th House and House 4 Proofs which are all looking very snazzy indeed. Although that's great and all but this is the guy that really grabbed my attention. Check out the Sefadu Heavy!

Sefadu Heavy

That is one big gun and the model itself looks epic. I do like the swooping style of the Sefadu helmets and the design of their armour as a whole. Will he be making an appearance in your next squad roster?

MERCS is a fantastic game and hopefully you enjoyed the week we did not long ago. If you didn't see it, it's worth checking out. Now I have to go and persuade myself not to buy any MERCS before my wallet cries.

Are you obsessed with MERCS?

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