Micro Art Make You a TauCeti Home

December 2, 2013 by dracs

Home is where the heart is, or it could be in this cool new TauCeti Habitat from Micro Art Studio! Personally I think that's much better than living in a chest cavity.

TauCeti Habitat

This hard foam piece of terrain is, obviously, the perfect building for the Tau or Warhammer 40k, but it would work equally well as a generic sci-fi structure. I could easily picture this turning up in Infinity. After all, not all the planets are entirely covered in city scapes.

We also have the exciting news that Micro Art Studio will be releasing their awesome Hive Fortifications this week. If you haven't seen them already, check out these pictures of the terrain pieces fully painted up and ready for war.

Hive Fortifications

Hive Fortifications Set

Hive Fortifications BackWill you build your home in TauCeti style or cower behind the defenses of the Hive Fortifications?

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