Micro Art’s TauCeti and Wraithstone, the Fortifications of the Future

September 15, 2013 by dracs

Micro Art Studios have this week released some modular terrain, two different styles of fortifications for defending yourself in the battle fields of the future.

The TauCeti wall is resin sculpt. Very high tech in appearance, the wall sections look thick enough to withstand most heavy fire power.

TauCeti Wall

TauCeti Wall Assembled

The Wraithstone wall set, as the name might suggest, is more in line with the Eldar arcane technology style. It mixes resin with transparent acrylic components to create those cool energy walls.

Wraithstone Defence Line

Wraithstone Defence Line 2

Both of these sets carry a lot of character. They are obviously well suited to specific Warhammer 40k armies, but their style is such that they could easily fit in with the sleek setting of Infinity.

Looking to improve your defences?

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