Mongoose Publishing Check Out Dredd’s Sweet New Ride

August 21, 2013 by dracs

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The Judges in the world of Judge Dredd can be called despotic, tyrannical, psychopathic, and even fascist. But call them what you like, when they have rides like this latest vehicle from Mongoose Publishing, you have to admit they have style.

Judge Dredd Mk II Pat Wagon

This is the Mk III Pat Wagon, a heavily armed and armoured vehicle which tends to serve as the muscle, backing up the Judges in their endeavour to bring justice and take down the scum of the Mega City.

Judge Dredd Mk III Pat Wagon

The Mk III Pat Wagon is probably the Judges' second vehicle of choice, after their trademark bikes. It can serve as a meat wagon, taking away any perps who haven't been judged for summary execution, while also containing enough fire power to calm most riots.

As standard, the Mk III is armed with the fearsome Street Cannon, a rapid-firing weapon capable of shredding a fleeing perp’s choice of wheels. However, for less lethal mob pacification, the Mk III comes equipped with side-mounted riot foam and Stumm gas dispensers, making it a dubious prospect to any block maniac who tries to get in close. - Mongoose Publishing

This awesome vehicle of the law will soon be shipped out to Kickstarter funders and will be out on general release soon after, so be sure to keep an eye out for it on the streets of the Mega City.

Do you think your Judges are in need of a little extra muscle to back them up?

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