Puppets War Continue to Honour the Egyptian Pantheon

June 11, 2012 by dracs

Puppets War have expanded their range of Egyptian themed sci-fi accessories with some new shoulder pads for the future worshippers of Anubis to wear with pride.

Puppets War - Anubis Shoulder Pads

These shoulder pads will allows you to bear the icon of the jackal headed god of the death with you to the battle field where you can hasten your enemies to meet him (or Osiris, Egypt had enough gods of death to go around).

Obviously they will combine well with these Anubis helms.

Puppets War - Anubis Heads

Also check out these painted images Puppets War have published on their Facebook of their toxic guardsmen heads.

Puppets War - Painted Toxic Guardsmen

These are some really nice paint jobs which serve to show off the level of quality of Puppets War's prooducts.

Do any of you think you might take the Egyptian pantheon to space?

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