Puppets War Continue Shouldering On

August 28, 2012 by dracs

Puppets War are continuing with their new selection of stylish shoulder apparel with these new pieces. But I think they might not be meant for just you average foot soldier...

Puppets War - Dreadnought Shoulder Plates?

Now these are three fairly familiar designs, similar to shoulder pads we have seen previously from Puppets War. What separates them is the mechanical ball joint.

This leads me to believe that, rather than being intended for use by your sci-fi superhumans they might be meant for your sci-fi super walkers.

Could these soon be used to decorate dreadnoughts and tie them in with the shoulder pads Puppets War have already made for your troops.

What do you think guys, could these be intended for walkers? Or am I way off the mark?

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