A New Race Uses Hyper-Space to Enter Firestorm Armada

July 24, 2012 by brennon

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A new race is appearing in the world of stellar warfare that is Firestorm Armada from Spartan Games. Check out the first few concept renders for the Veydreth below...

Veydreth Gunship

Veydreth Hunter Class Destroyer

For a full run down of the particulars behind this race you can read The Warriors Part 1 and The Warriors Part 2 on the Spartan Games website, but here is a snippet to wet your appetite.

"The Veydreth home worlds are believed to be resource-poor and so, like the Ba’Kash, raiding is essential to the maintenance of their way of life. The race’s attitude to warfare has been likened by human scholars as almost analogous to that of the Vikings of Old Terra. Veydreth tribes have an almost joyous approach to combat, and will readily take on just about any opponent, including other Veydreth.

The Veydreth are not an outright evil people, but they are harsh, having little respect for weakness and none at all for cowards. They will accept the surrender of opponents, but their treatment of captives depends greatly upon how much of a fight they put up beforehand."

So a very up close fleet, with an abundance of weapons and sleek ships. Sound a little bit like Reavers from Firefly perhaps?

Could this be the faction for you?

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