Raging Heroes Skaryaa Will Soon Be Let Out to Play

September 11, 2012 by dracs

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Raging Heroes have posted a preview of a 3D print of their Skaryaa the Blood Mistress miniature.

Raging Heroes - Skaryaa 3D Print

Unfortunately, the 3D file was intended to be flipped to make Skaryaa right handed, which means that Skaryaa will not be appearing until later this month once they have taught her which is left and which is right.

However, Raging Heroes have suggested that they may release this left handed version as a limited edition miniature at some point, so more Skaryaa to get excited about!

Finally there was something I cam across on Raging Heroes which I wanted to share with you just because I thought it was pretty cool. Do you remember Kapitan Ivanka Kurganova, one of Raging Heroes' most popular sci-fi miniatures?

Raging Heroes - Kapitan Ivanka

Well check out this absolutely amazing cosplay!

Ivanka Cosplay

Yup, someone cosplayed as a Raging Heroes mini. That is pretty cool, it is great to see when fans like something so much they put this much effort into a costume.

Will any of you be getting Skaryaa?

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