Rebel Minis Take the 15mm Pangalactic Legion to War!

September 27, 2012 by brennon

Rebel Minis have some more 15mm miniatures ready for your battlefield. Check out these frankly awesome looking Pangalactic Legion models which would look superb on your battlefield!

Pangalactic Legion Command and Heavy Weapons Pack

First up is the Legion Command and Heavy Weapons Pack which gives you all the miniatures to both lead your aliens into battle, and blow the enemy out of the skies. Something about these miniatures rocks, and I think it might be the amount of detail twined with the paint job!

Pangalactic Legion Infantry Pack #1

Pangalactic Legion Infantry Pack #2

Next up is the Infantry Pack which gives you eight different soldiers to add to your force. I wish these were in 28mm as well as 15mm! They really are great models and perfect for any 15mm Sci-Fi game you might be playing at the moment. Hats off to Rebel Minis with these, they are superb!

Will you be grabbing these 15mm Sci-Fi warriors?

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