Rebel Minis Send In The Centaurs & Terror Mites

January 2, 2013 by brennon

Both Fantasy & Sci-Fi are being tailored too by Rebel Minis this month. Check out the models for both Dark Centaurs and the Terror Mites below before working out how they'll be fitting into your collection...

Dark Centaurs

First up are the Dark Centaurs for your fantasy gaming. I quite like these miniatures actually, even if the paint job is a little bit crazy. They certainly have an old school feel about them.

Terror Mites With Bug Hole

Then you have the Terror Mites. This gives you plenty of leave to infect a planet of your choice and watch your poor adventurers get swarmed by this horde of parasites.

Do you reckon you'll be adding these to your collection?

Let me know!

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