The Rest of MaxMini’s Female Guerilla Squad is Ready to Fight

October 25, 2013 by dracs

After the success of their first two female Guerrilla Fighters MaxMini have decided to bring out the rest of the squad. Meet these three new lovely, but no less dangerous, femme fatales.

Female Guerilla Soldiers

These sculpts really capture the style that MaxMini were going for, projecting the image of competant yet sexy female soldiers which we might normally find in a cheesy Hollywood blockbuster.

Female Guerilla Concept 1

Female Guerilla Concept 2

These girls would be great to include as Sergeants or other special characters in an Imperial Guard army, especially a Catachan force. They make the perfect character minis as they will stand out from the rest of the models which are on display and will just generally look far cooler than their male counterparts.

Fancy bringing equal opportunities to the Imperial Guard?

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