Scibor Monstrous Set to Make Their Own Sci-Fi Wargame!

January 9, 2014 by dracs

Scibor, the makers of a great range of alternative sci-fi and fantasy miniatures, have announced that this year they will be working on their own set of wargaming rules!

Scibor Sci-Fi Game

The guys at Scibor are currently in the process of working out the mechanics, getting the artwork sorted and creating a narrative background and world to give your games some life.

Since Scibor already have a very extensive range of sci-fi models it will be cool to see a rule set finally available for some of them. My only fear would be that, since a lot of those models are power armoured sci-fi knights, it could end up being heavily associated with Warhammer 40k in people's minds.

What sort of mechanics do you hope Scibor will use in this game?

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