Scibor Provide Your Space Elves With a Firm Footing

March 27, 2013 by dracs

Scibor have a new range of bases in their store which depict a graceful architecture only achievable by mystic space elves. Did I just type the words mystic space elves?

Scibor - SF Elves 25mm

Scibor - SF Elves 30mm

Scibor - SF Elves Platform Bases

Scibor - SF Elves 40mm

These bases are, obviously, perfectly suited to your Eldar forces, the crumbling, ornate architecture portraying the once glorious civilisation the species used to be.

some of the bases, however, do look a bit too ornate, making them impractical for anything other than display and diorama purposes.

What is your stance on overly decorative bases?

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