Scibor’s New Completely Original Releases

May 31, 2011 by dracs

Scibor Miniatures have released a new selection of Sci-Fi miniatures which in no way resemble any other figures by any other major gaming company.

These are the Celtic Veterans and I have to say I'm not that impressed. I mean yeah they have a nice level of detail, but they have been really badly positioned in my opinion.

Along with the boring poses, the shoulder pads are just so over the top its not even funny. Don't even get me started on this guys mask.

Don't get me wrong, I think Scibor have come out with some pretty good stuff in the past, but these just don't do them justice.

That's enough of me ranting, what do you guys think? Would you be tempted to get these? Do they have any redeeming features?

BoW Sam

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