The ShadowSea Fortune Hunters Come in All Shapes and Sizes

May 3, 2012 by brennon

Some more beautiful concept art has come out of Anti-Matter Games and their forthcoming Fortune Hunter faction. Check out some of the incredibly colourful work for ShadowSea below...

Fortune Hunter Sea Dog

Fortune Hunter Science Officer

Fortune Hunter Arcane Researcher

Fortune Hunter Commander

I love the eerie glow that shimmers off this art work. The mix of the technological and the magical is pretty insane. It certainly paints the Fortune Hunters in an evil light with all the weapons and armour at their disposal. I even see a bit of Cthullu mixed into the breathing piece of the Arcane Researcher.

But if you're more of an Atalan lover then check out the next stage for a Atalan Trooper...

Atalan Assault Soldier WIP (Front)

Atalan Assault Soldier WIP (Rear)

Very different sleek designs going on with this armour and weaponry. While you imagine the Fortune Hunters would be stomping around on the sea bed, these Atalans would be swimming and jetting around underwater with the greatest of ease. Could make for some really dynamic game play when these two forces collide.

What do you make of the factions?

Will you go Atalan or Fortune Hunter?

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