Shining A Light On Kill Team: Into The Dark From Games Workshop

August 5, 2022 by avernos

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Games Workshop has shown off the contents of the new Kill Team: Into the Dark boxset over on their Warhammer Communities page and there is a wealth of details and images to share with you.

Kill Team: Into the Dark // Games Workshop

The box contains everything needed to play out your Kill Team games but this time it moves the conflict off world and onto The Gallowdark, a drifting space hulk that has been missing in the warp for over four thousand years. With its sudden return to real space, many are interested in what treasure it may hold for those who brave its claustrophobic, labyrinthian, dark corridors.

Kill Team The Gallowdark

Kill Team // The Gallowdark

The box contains fifty-four individual pieces of terrain that are modular and expandable with a planned new set due out in three months' time. The set has a very industrial meets naval feel to the design. This is especially noticeable with the oval bulkhead doors, which give the layout that submarine feel.

The Gallowdark

To navigate the corridors of the drifting hulk there are two sets of new figures for your Kill Team games. The Imperial Navy Armsmen and the Kroot Farstalker Kinband.

Imperial Navy Breachers

The Imperial Navy Armsmen are the fighting troops of the Imperial Navy. They garrison Navis Imperialis assets, anything from orbital stations to mighty battleships. Breachers are the elite – blunt instruments trained extensively in close-quarter fighting techniques.

The twelve-strong unit consists of ten Breachers that are equipped with boarding shotguns and blast shields, and a host of other tools to help them gain entry and close with their target, they're accompanied by a C.A.T. unit, and a Gheistskull (a former breacher stuffed full of explosives and sent on their way). The models have a classic deepsea diver look. Thick-soled heavy brass boots are paired with metal shoulders and large helmets with air gauges attached to their tanks to allow them to breathe in the vacuum of space.

Farstalker Kinband

The Kroot are an ever-evolving race of carnivorous warriors known throughout the galaxy as savvy mercenaries, relying on their fighting skills and extraordinary fieldcraft. Their Farstalker Kinbands range far and wide across the galaxy, looking for fresh strains of beneficial genetic material to bring back to their Shapers.

Another team of twelve to take on the Gallowdark. The Farstalker Kinband contains ten Kroot warriors and two faithful Kroothounds, there is even a kroothawk on the tracker's rifle (I've no idea if it's called a kroothawk, but based on the kroot's naming convention so far I've got to be in with a shout!) The minis have a western vibe with ponchos and low slug holsters on their hips. I'll be fascinated to see if they are the template for a revamp of the Kroot range for 40K or if they'll remain a small squad tied to Kill Team.

Kill Team Into the Dark Rules

Kill Team Into the Dark Rules

There are two rulebooks contained within this set – a 144-pageKill Team Core Book containing the complete rule set, and the Kill Team: Into the Dark rules manual. This 120-page tome contains full Killzone and Close Quarters rules, as well as 18 missions – nine each for narrative and matched play – plus a new type of campaign telling the story of the Gallowdark, and all the rules and lore you’ll need to play the two teams you get in the box.

Kill Team Into the Dark Dice and Templates

Kill Team Into the Dark Dice and Templates

On top of all that, you get all the equipment, counters, cards, and so on for the full Kill Team experience. That means a sheet of 85 double-sided tokens, including objectives, order tokens, and injury markers, 10 six-sided dice in that signature Kill Team orange, two Tac Ops decks – each containing 27 cards – and one double-sided game board to host all your bulkheads and barricades.

These new rules are completely compatible with all the kill teams released in this edition so far, from the existing boxed expansions, Compendium, and White Dwarf issues. The Gallowdark is a big place, and Games Workshop will be exploring its vast and varied environs for a while. With rules for Close Quarters Combat and new visitors that will be expanded on a three-month release cycle.

The only question is will Lloyd finally get his hands on some new Kroot?

Find out on the Weekender

"I'll be fascinated to see if they are the template for a revamp of the Kroot range for 40K or if they'll remain a small squad tied to Kill Team. "

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