Spellcrow’s Heads Make Your Orcs Meaner and Greener

August 13, 2012 by dracs

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Spellcrow have announced the releases of a new selection of Orc Heads to allow you to personalise your green horde for any occasion.

Spellcrow - Orc Heads

Spellcrow - Orc Blitzkrieg

Spellcrow - Orc Desert Dogs

Spellcrow - Orc Slayer Heads

Spellcrow - Orc Storm Flyer Heads

Spellcrow - Orc Heads Selection

As you can see, Spellcrow have really spoilt you for choice when it comes to deciding how you want to style your force of green skins.

The sculpts of the heads themselves are, as you might expect from Spellcrow, excellent. Scarred, battered and battle worn, but still roaring for a fight, these heads will make your orcs a whole lot meaner.

Will any of you be crying Waaaagh! and letting slip the orcs of war?

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