Swarm Over to Micro Art Studios for Their New Bases

July 30, 2012 by dracs

Micro Art Studios have a whole new selection of sweet sci-fi, alien-esque bases for you to set your army up on, if not a steady footing, then at least an awesome one.

First we have the rather cool looking 40mm Mechano Swarm Bases.

Micro Art Studios - Swarm Bases

These bases serve great as units of Necron scarab swarms, as well as providing your Necron Lords a really nice base to be standing on. While it might be difficult to mount a miniature on bases as busy as these the idea of a Necron Lord with scarabs swarming around him is just too cool. These bases could also serve as unique objective markers for Necron forces. From a narrative stand point it could be that the scarabs were sent out ahead and are now marking the location of the objective.

But maybe mechanical bugs isn't your thing. Maybe your looking for something a little more... organic? Well why not check out Micro Art's new Hive Bases?

Micro Art Studios - 40mm Hive Bases

Micro Art Studios - 60mm Hive Bases

The sculpts of these bases give a great sense of a writhing mass of alien somethings underfoot and would make great mounts for Tyranid forces. Again, the nature of the bases might make it a little hard to mount miniatures upon them, but they'd still provide you with a nice way to make your Tyranid stand out.

What are your thoughts on these bases? Are they too busy for your taste? Do you have any tips on how you might mount minis on such bases?

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