The Tentacled Edo Hover Out Of Counterblast

January 28, 2014 by brennon

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Airlock Games have previewed another one of the factions for Counterblast and this time it's the squid-like Edo. These hovering Squidwards have taken to space with blasters and psychic powers abound.

Edo Leader



I wasn't immediately taken with these when I first saw them, but once you have a closer look they actually start to appear pretty awesome. I think for what they are, essentially floating space octopi, they could have looked terrible but Airlock have done well to keep the comic feel going with them.

"The Edo faction of the Counterblast Adventure Battle Game is a creature force complimented by broad mind control abilities. Wielding formidable arc technology as well as the energies of the cosmic flux, the monstrous Edo offer players an unusual force supported by alien weaponry and psychic power."

Do you think they could be your faction of choice when it comes to playing Counterblast?

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