New Terrain from Quantum Gothic

March 30, 2011 by beerogre

For those of you who have see our trench battle board, you'll know that a lot of the terrain on it came from Quantum Gothic.

Well... here's their latest releases!


Those gun emplacements look damned good! However, I always have to scratch my head when it comes to "junk barricades". They're not that difficult to make, all you need it some plastic food packaging, bits of sprue and ready mix plaster (available from practically every discount shop I've been in lately)... then something to base it on... I use old broken CD box lids (I've also seen empty ones available from discount shops).

If you have a free evening, you can easily knock a few of these together for a couple of quid... perhaps I'll make a video on it one day...

BoW Andy

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