Take off with Tobsen77’s New Flying Machine!

August 30, 2012 by dracs

Tobsen77 have added yet another vehicle to their great selection of pulp sci-fi style minis. This time its a flying machine, and like all great creators Tobsen have taken a leaf out of nature's book.

Tobsen77 - Libelle with Pilot

Tobson77 - Libelle

This is the Libelle, a heavily armed piloted dragonfly which could be perfect for oh so many game scenarios, from steampunk games to more modern pulp such as you might find in 7TV.

Personally I would be tempted to use this in my Gentlemen's Club force for Empire of the Dead, counting it as a the flying wheelchair. Can you imagine a little bearded old gent up in that, with a tartan blanket keeping his legs warm?

What gaming scenarios and uses can you think up for Tobsen's latest creation?

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