The Vale Seek To End Hummanity In Wreck-Age

March 1, 2013 by brennon

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A new faction is coming to the world of Wreck-Age and they have the destruction of mankind on their mind. Check out the concept art for the Vale below...

Vale Concept Art

"The members of the death cult known as the Vale believe that humanity has run its course. Some of the cult believe they are the rightful heirs of the planet, others believe that all mankind needs to end (others first), while still others believe that they are the harbingers of death, sent to this earth by the gods in space, to finish the work started nearly 2 centuries ago, of ridding the planet of human life."

They sound like a perfectly friendly bunch right? I do like the way they look right now with some cruel spikes all over. The miniatures themselves should be awesome.

Will you be waiting for the Vale?

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