What Weapon Does a Neo-Iskandrian Take to War?

April 24, 2012 by brennon

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Urban War is really starting to get into their Neo-Iskandrian army and there is a good collection of interesting weapons on offer for the budding Iskandrian soldier. Let's check out a collection of their kit below...

Iskandrian HMG (Side)

First up is the Iskandrian HMG. It reminded me a little to begin with of something from the Eldar like their D-Cannon, and also had a little of the Halo about it. Here are some more pieces from around the HMG...

Iskandrian HMG (Top)

Iskandrian HMG (Rear)

Iskandrian HMG (Front)

The high-tech but de-constructed style of the gun really puts it apart from others heavy guns. Will be interesting to see how this turns out, especially with a crewman buckled into the seat firing this thing.

One Handed Energy Weapon

Two Handed Energy Weapon

However, if you're an Iskandrian fighting up close you may want to get your hands on some energy blades. Above you can see the concepts for both the one handed and two handed sword variants with built in energy packs to fire a type of gunblade. You may have seen these on the 3D render we had up of a Neo-Iskandrian trooper.

Iskandrian Sniper Rifle

Iskandrian Flamer

And for the more discerning Iskandrian how about a lethal looking sniper rifle or flamer weapon? I love the alien style to these weapons keeping that mix of high-tech and de-constructed throughout. I can imagine many an enemy being burnt to a crisp by that flamer.

Iskandrian Hover Slave Drone

Maybe channelling the spirit of the Tau we have a Hover Slave Drone here. Looks like it could possibly be some kind of scouting craft for the snipers perhaps? I love the little fixture for the gun on the top too, making it a little annoying insect of a thing when it harries your foes.

Are you liking the look of all this Neo-Iskandrian Technology?

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