The Wreck Age Rule Book Covers Up

May 29, 2013 by dracs

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Hyacinth Games are gearing up to release the rulebook for their new game of post-apocalyptic survival Wreck Age and have just released a picture of the cover to show the world.

Wreck Age Cover

I am something of a fluff fanatic, eagerly delving through rulebooks of games I don't even play in order to get to the juicy stories (that's pretty much how I met BoW, I just sat in the corner of the office reading through their library) and seeing this cover art has got me itching to get my hands on it.

The artwork itself is very good. It captures the style of the world Wreck Age is built around and gives people an idea of what to expect in terms of the game's atmosphere.

On their forum post Hyacinth have also published a quick contents list so we know what we will be finding in the book itself:

What is a Wreck Age, and a RPG and table top skirmish game? (in editing)
8 pages

2 pages

3: How Year Zero came to be (in editing)
A: Current Day
B: The Big Push
C: Exodus
D: Collapse/Darkness
16 pages

4: The Resurgence (in editing)
4 pages

5: The People Left Behind (Alphabetical) (all major factions in editing)
A: Hy Plains Drifters
B: Reclaimers
C: Stakers
D: Stitchmen
E: Church of Fun
F: The Arhk
G: The Vale
H: Unicephalon
I: Other Factions
70 pages

6: Building A Community
A: Rebuilding after collapse
B: Example (and floating) communities
C: Combat vs Compromise
4 pages

Community and Character Creation 8 pages (revisions)
A: Stats and Skills 12 pages (in editing)
B: Unique and example characters 6 pages
C: Assets (mercenaries) (for table top) 2 pages

Community and Character Advancement (revisions)
16 pages

Flora and Fauna (in editing)
24 Pages

Game Mechanics (in playtesting/editing)
60 pages

7: Technology/Scavenging
A: Goods necessary for community survival or growth
B: Weaponry of Year Zero
8 pages

Gear (in editing)
A: Weapons (by type)
B: Survival Gear
C: Misc
12 pages

Hobby Section
16 Pages

Game Information
A: Disasters for a community (both natural and otherwise) 4 pages
B: GM Tools (For RPG) 10 pages
C: Misc 8 pages

The Spider’s Lair (revisions/playtesting)
30 pages

A: Combat mechanics 3 pages
B: Skill Tests 2 pages
C: Character and Community Sheets 2 pages

Closing Comments
A: References and inspiration
B: Creative commons
C: Web info/products sheet
6 pages

All that lovely fluff!

Anyone fancy exploring Wreck Age?

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